Dlubal RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8 - Add-on Modules: RF-ALUMINUM (according to Eurocode 9)


First Steps with RFEM

First steps

We provide hints and tips to help you get started with the RFEM program.


Light, durable, sustainable - aluminum is an excellent material in many cases. The video shows how easy it is to design your lightweight structure with the RF-/ALUMINUM add-on module.

The RF-/ALUMINUM add-on module performs all typical ultimate limit state, stability and serviceability limit state designs for aluminum components/aluminum structures according to Eurocode 9.

First, define your load and the National Annex for the design in the add-on module.
Then, define all relevant component properties in clearly arranged windows.
Possible cross-seams and the related reduced load-bearing capacities of your cross-sections are included in the design without any problems.
Finally, you define the boundary conditions for the stability and deformation analyzes.

In addition to the automatic cross-section classification, cross-sections can also be optimized automatically.
All performed designs are clearly displayed in tabular form and can be displayed as result diagrams on members and sets of members in the main program.

Of course, you can also consider your own aluminum cross-sections created individually in SHAPE-THIN in the programs RSTAB and RFEM and thus design them statically in the ALUMINUM add-on module.

All designs - from the determination of internal forces to the design - can be conveniently documented in the central printout report of RSTAB or RFEM.


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