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21 August 2019


Stine Mareike Effler

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How should be considered the prestressed cables in RF-/DYNAM Pro?


The prestressing of cables has a governing influence on the behavior of a structure. Therefore, it must also be considered in the dynamics.

In the natural vibration cases of an add-on module, it is possible to consider stiffness modifications on the basis of a load case. With this option, the geometric stiffness matrix is rewritten for the natural vibration analysis. In order to avoid falsifying the results or to consider any unwanted effects, it is important that the load case to be imported contains only the prestress and no further loading.

If you want to perform a time history analysis, make sure that the implicit Newmark analysis and the explicit analysis do not use the natural vibration cases, but that the calculation parameters are defined directly in the dynamic load case. Therefore, the prestress must also be taken into account. The "Stationary State" function is available for this. With this option, the stiffness modifications resulting from the prestress are taken into account.

There is also an interesting technical article about this topic.


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