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9 September 2019


Gerhard Rehm




I would like to divide a line very finely, however, it is possible to only define a minimum of 0.5 mm with the function 'Divide Line → Distance'. How to avoid the problem?


The option 'Divide Line → Distance' has a fixed minimum limit of 0.50 mm. If you want to shorten a line (e.g. 0.25 mm), divide it to 1.00 mm first. Then, you can use the 'Divide Line → n Intermediate Node' function to generate three intermediate nodes. Thus, you will get a line length of 0.25 mm.

Each file combines nearby nodes that are closer together than 0.5mm. In the case mentioned above, this has to be adjusted by means of the function 'Tools → Regenerate Model' (see Figure 02).


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