Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Dlubal Support Team | April 2023

This webinar shows you the questions asked about RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9, which have recently been answered by Dlubal support team.

Time Schedule:
00:00 Introduction
02:00 The display of member moments due to a continuously distributed load is wrong. The moment distribution should not be triangular. How can I improve the result?
04:40 How can I set a contact condition between two solids?
10:40 Unfortunately, I am not able to move my model by the mouse, also shifting a node to another grid point does not work anymore. How can reactivate it?
11:48 How can I change a cross-section taken from the library concerning its dimensions to a specific value?
15:10 I would like to hide my surface results for a certain area around the zero value. Is there any elegant solution for this in RFEM 6?
16:46 How can I connect as fast as possible a beam to another beam by a fin plate using the Steel Joints add-on?