10 September 2019

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Is it possible to create nodal releases via the COM interface?


Yes, it is possible to create nodal releases via the COM interface. Here is an example:

Sub nodal_release ()

Dim iApp As RFEM5.Application
Dim iModel As RFEM5.model
On Error GoTo e
Set iApp = GetObject (, "RFEM5.Application")
test = iApp.GetModelCount
Set iModel = iApp.GetModel (0)
Dim iModeldata As RFEM5.iModeldata
Set iModeldata = iModel.GetModelData
        '   for setting a nodal release a member hinge is needed
        '   the object for the axis system could not be the same with the released one
Dim nodRel As NodalRelease
nodRel.Location = OriginalLocationType
nodRel.AxisSystem = LocalFromLine
nodRel.AxisSystemFromObjectNo = 2
nodRel.Comment = "test nodal release"
nodRel.MemberHingeNo = 1
nodRel.NodeNo = 1
nodRel.ReleasedMembers = 1
iModeldata.SetNodalRelease nodRel
e: If Err.Number <> 0 Then MsgBox Err.description,, Err.Source

End Sub

Please note that the local axis system may not refer to the same elements as the ones that are released.


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