I would like to use the CRANEWAY add-on module to design a suspension crane. Where are the design points 0, 1, and 2 for the stress analysis on the bottom flange and for the fatigue design?


The design points in CRANEWAY have been adopted in compliance with the standard. In this case, the stresses are calculated for the following locations:

  • Design Point 0

    A periphery of the flange at the web edge or at the fillet start

  • Design Point 1

    A flange at load application point (this can be checked as wheel spacing in Window 1.4)

  • Design Point 2

    The flange edge
These points are not displayed in the resulting cross-section graphic in the CRANEWAY program. However, there is always a stress point at the design points 0 and 2 for which the result values can be directly displayed.


Design points Suspension crane Fatigue design Bottom flange Bottom flange bending Flange edge Load application point Fillet start

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