What options are available for the serviceability data in RF‑LAMINATE to calculate the local deformation uz,local applied in the design?


There are three options you can choose from.

Figure 01 - RF-LAMINATE - Window 1.6 Serviceability Data

Undeformed system: The deformation is related to the initial structure.

Displaced parallel surface: This option is recommended for an elastic support of the surface. The deformation uz,local is related to a virtual reference surface displaced parallely to the undeformed structual system. The displacement vector of the reference surface is as long as the minimal nodal deformation within the surface.

Displaced user-defined reference plane: If the supports of a surface deform very differently, an inclined reference plane for the designed deformation uz,local can be defined. This plane must be defined by three points of the undeformed system. The program determines the deformation of the three definition points, places the reference plane through these displaced points, and then calculates the local deformation uz,local.


Serviceability Strain Local deformation


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