Limited Distribution Width of Tension Reinforcement in Flange Plate of T-Beam Cross-Sections

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The German Annex to EN 1992‑1‑1, the National Addition NCI to Article (2), recommends to dispose the tension reinforcement in the flange plate of T‑beam cross‑sections on a maximum of one width corresponding to the half of a computed effective flange width beff,i according to Expression (5,7a).

The reason for this recommendation were Eibl's and Kühn's tests [1], where it was proved that the continuing reinforcement ageing has a negative effect on crack distribution and uniform reinforcement load. It was also the reason why this regulation was already included in the DIN 1045:1975.

In RF‑CONCRETE Members, there is a control that you can use to define a distribution width of the tension reinforcement in the flange plate.


[1]   Eibl, J. & Kühn, H. E. (1979). Versuche an Stahlbetonplattenbalken mit gezogener Platte. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, 74, 176-181. 75, 204-209.


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