Design of Notches and Cross-Section Reductions in Timber Add-on Modules

Tips & Tricks

As of the program version X.06 of the add‑on modules RF‑/TIMBER Pro, RF‑/TIMBER AWC and RF‑/TIMBER CSA, it is possible to consider notches and cross‑section reductions in the design. The procedure is as follows.

First, select the member/set of members and define the location of the cross‑section reduction (member start, inner span, or member end). Then, define the cross‑section weakening by selecting the orientation according to the local axis system as well as the reduction of the cross‑section. To reduce the cross‑section in width and height, it is necessary to select the same member in the table again and define the orientation separately.

If the cross‑section reduction has a notch at the same time, you can check the ‘Notch at the Support’ option (available only for the member start and end). Thus, reduced shear strength is considered in the shear design of the reduced cross‑section and depends on the notch geometry (cross‑section weakening).

In the case of design according to EN 1995‑1‑1, it is possible to define transversal tension reinforcement in addition. Furthermore, you can select whether the cross‑sectional area reduction should be considered in the determination of slenderness degree for stability design.


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