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24 June 2016




For the bending failure design, the module analyzes governing locations of the column for axial force and moments. In addition, the locations with extreme values of shear forces are considered for the shear resistance design. While calculating, the module decides if a standard design is sufficient or if the column with the moments has to be designed according to the second-order analysis. Determination of these moments is based on the previously entered specifications. The calculation has four parts:
  • Load independent calculation steps
  • Iterative determination of governing loading considering the varying required reinforcement
  • Determination of the designed reinforcement for governing internal forces
  • Safety determination of all acting internal forces including the designed reinforcement
In this way, RF-/CONCRETE Columns provides a complete solution of an optimized reinforcement concept and the resulting load actions.

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  • Updated 26 October 2020
RFEM Concrete Structures
RF-CONCRETE Columns 5.xx

Add-on Module

Reinforced concrete design according to the model column method (method based on nominal curvature)

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