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22 August 2016



  • Import of relevant information and results from RFEM
  • Integrated editable material and cross-section library
  • The module extension EC2 for RFEM enables design of reinforced concrete members according to EN 1992‑1‑1:2004 (Eurocode 2) and the following National Annexes:
    • Deutschland DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA/A1:2015-12 (Germany)
    • ÖNORM B 1992-1-1:2018-01 (Austria)
    •  NBN EN 1992-1-1 ANB:2010 (Belgium)
    •  BDS EN 1992-1-1:2005/NA:2011 (Bulgaria)
    • EN 1992-1-1 DK NA:2013 (Denmark)
    • NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2016-03 (France)
    • SFS EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007-10 (Finland)
    • UNI EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007-07 (Italy)
    • Lettland LVS EN 1992-1-1:2005/NA:2014 (Latvia)
    •  LST EN 1992-1-1:2005/NA:2011 (Lithuania)
    • MS EN 1992-1-1:2010 (Malaysia)
    • NEN-EN 1992-1-1 + C2:2011/NB:2016 (Netherlands)
    • NS EN 1992-1-1:2004-NA:2008 (Norway)
    •  PN EN 1992-1-1/NA:2010 (Poland)
    • NP EN 1992-1-1/NA:2010-02 (Portugal)
    •  SR EN 1992-1-1:2004/NA:2008 (Romania)
    • SS EN 1992-1-1/NA:2008 (Sweden)
    • SS EN 1992-1-1/NA:2008-06 (Singapore)
    • STN EN 1992-1-1/NA:2008-06 (Slovakia)
    • SIST EN 1992-1-1:2005/A101:2006 (Slovenia)
    • UNE EN 1992-1-1/NA:2013 (Spain)
    • CSN EN 1992-1-1/NA:2016-05 (Czech Republic)
    • BS EN 1992-1-1:2004/NA:2005 (United Kingdom)
    • Weißrussland CPM EN 1992-1-1:2009 (Belarus)
    • CYS EN 1992-1-1:2004/NA:2009 (Cyprus)
In addition to the National Annexes (NA) listed above, you can also define a specific NA, applying user‑defined limit values and parameters.
  • Complete and reasonable presetting of input parameters
  • Punching shear design on columns, wall ends, and wall corners
  • Optional arrangement of an enlarged column head
  • Automatic recognition of the position of the punching node from the RFEM model
  • Detection of curves or splines as boundary of the control perimeter
  • Automatic consideration of all slab openings defined on the RFEM model
  • Structure and graphical display of the control perimeter before calculation starts
  • Qualitative determination of punching shear reinforcement
  • Optional design with unsmoothed shear stress along the control perimeter that corresponds to the actual shear stress distribution on the FE model
  • Determination of the load increment factor β by full plastic shear distribution as constant factors according to EN 1992‑1‑1, Chap. 6.4.3 (3), based on EN 1992‑1‑1, Fig. 6.21N or by user‑defined specification
  • Integration of design software by the Halfen shear reinforcement rails producer
  • Numerical and graphical display of results (3D, 2D, and in sections)
  • Punching shear design with or without punching shear reinforcement
  • Optional consideration of minimum moments according to EN 1992‑1‑1 when determining longitudinal reinforcement
  • Design or analysis of longitudinal reinforcement
  • Complete integration of results in the RFEM printout report

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