RF-/JOINTS Steel - Pinned | Results

Product Feature

Result windows list details of all calculation results. In addition, there is a 3D graphic where you can display or hide single components as well as dimension lines and the weld data, for example. The summary shows if the individual designs have been fulfilled: The ratio level is displayed as a green data bar which turns red if the design is not fulfilled. Furthermore, the node number and the governing LC/CO/RC are indicated.

When selecting a design, the module shows the detailed intermediate results including the actions and the additional internal forces from the connection geometry. There is the option to display the results by load case and by node. The connections are represented in a realistic 3D rendering possible to scale. In addition to the main views, it is possible to show the graphics from any perspective.

You can add the graphics with dimensions and labels to the RFEM/RSTAB printout or export them as DXF. The printout report includes all input and result data prepared for test engineers. It is possible to export all tables to MS Excel or as a CSV file. A special transfer menu defines all specifications required for the export.

RFEM Connections
RF-JOINTS Steel - Pinned 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of pinned connections according to Eurocode 3

Price of First License
670.00 USD