RF-/DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations | Results

Product Feature

Due to the integration of RF‑/DYNAM Pro in RFEM / RSTAB, you can incorporate numeric and graphic results from RF‑/DYNAM Pro – Forced Vibrations to the global printout report. Also, all RFEM options are available for a graphical visualization.

The results of the time history analysis are displayed in a time course monitor. All results are plotted versus time. You can export the numeric values to MS Excel.

In the case of a time history analysis, you can export results of the individual time steps or filter most unfavourable results of all time steps.

The response spectrum analysis generates result combinations. Mode and load force combinations due to the components of earthquake action are used internally.

RFEM Dynamic Analysis
RF-DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations 5.xx

Add-on Module

Dynamic and seismic analysis including time history analysis and multi-modal response spectrum analysis

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD