RF-PIPING | Features

Product Feature

  • Graphical input of piping systems and piping components
  • Illustrative visualization of piping systems and piping components in RFEM graphic window
  • Comprehensive libraries for piping cross‑sections and materials
  • Comprehensive libraries for flanges, reducers, tees, and expansion joints
  • Consideration of piping structure (insulation, lining, tin‑plate)
  • Automatic calculation of stress intensification factors and flexibility factors
  • Specific piping action categories for load cases
  • Optional automatic combinatorics of load cases
  • Consideration of material properties (modulus of elasticity, coefficient of thermal expansion) either during operating temperature (default option) or during reference (assembly) temperature of material
  • Consideration of elongation and straightening due to pressure (Bourdon effect)
  • Interaction between the supporting structure and the piping system

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RFEM Piping Systems

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Modeling piping systems

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