Form-Finding Add-on

Compared to the RF-FORM-FINDING add-on module (RFEM 5), the following new features have been added to the Form-Finding add-on for RFEM 6:

  • Specification of all form-finding load boundary conditions in one load case
  • Storage of form-finding results as initial state for further model analysis
  • Automatic assignment of the form-finding initial state via combination wizards to all load situations of a design situation
  • Additional form-finding geometry boundary conditions for members (unstressed length, maximum vertical sag, low-point vertical sag)
  • Additional form-finding load boundary conditions for members (maximum force in member, minimum force in member, horizontal tension component, tension at i-end, tension at j-end, minimum tension at i-end, minimum tension at j-end)
  • Material types "Fabric" and "Foil" in material library
  • Parallel form-findings in one model
  • Simulation of sequentially building form-finding states in connection with the Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) add-on