User Opinions and Experience, Customer Projects and Verification Examples

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Customer Reviews

See the opinions and experience by engineers working with the Dlubal Software programs.

Customer Projects

On this page, you find various customer projects sorted by industry. The project were realized using the structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software.

Why Submit Your Customer Project?

Have you designed an interesting project using the Dlubal programs RFEM or RSTAB? Submit your project to us! There are many reasons to feature your project for free.

Verification Examples

The collection of verification examples listed on this page allows you to check that the Dlubal Software programs provide the expected results.

Reference List of Users

Dlubal Software is the choice number one for many users around the world. Here you can find a selection of engineering offices, companies, and educational institutions that use our structural analysis software. Would you also like to be part of it? Then take a closer look at the Dlubal Software programs.

Your Review

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Participation in Research Projects

Innovation and progress have always made us human. At Dlubal Software, progress and development are not just empty promises: We participate in various research projects. You can find out more here.

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