Timber Apartment Complex in Brescia, Italy

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis of Timber Structures
Rubner Holzbau AG
Brixen, Italy
Project Engineer for Structural Calculations
I2 Ingegneria Srl
Genoa, Italy
Construction General Contractor
Rubner Objektbau GmbH
Kiens, Italy
Architect 5+1AA S.R.L.
Genoa, Italy
Investor ALER Brescia
Brescia, Italy

The data listed below refers to the model of the housing complex B.

Length: ~ 20 m| Width: ~ 16 m | Height: ~ 13 m
Number of Nodes: 921 | Members: 210 | Furfaces: 103 | Finite Elements: 11,928 | Cross-Sections: 11

In the Italian town of Brescia, the company Rubner Objektbau GmbH, functioning as the general contractor, has built an apartment complex with appealing architecture consisting of timber. Four housing complexes with a total of 72 housing units have been constructed in a minimal amount of time. For the Lombard Institute for Residential Buildings (ALER), this has been the first project carried out in wood.

Rubner Holzbau AG, the customer of Dlubal Software, was responsible for the structural analysis of the timber structures. The architectural design was created by the Milan architects 5+1AA S.R.L. (Genoa subsidiary).


The construction impresses with great figures. A total of 1,555 m3 of glued‑laminated and cross‑laminated timber was used, also for the elevator shafts and staircases. The entire cubage of the structure includes more than 18,000 m3.

It is not only the use of wood as a renewable resource that results in an impressive ecological balance: The subsidized housing complex also reaches high energy efficiency classes (ClimateHouse A and class A CENED - region of Lombardy).

All four complexes have similar dimensions. For example, complex B is about l x w x h = 20 m x 16 m x 13 m. The walls consist of cross‑laminated timber with a thickness of 10 cm. The floors have been built with glued‑laminated timber elements of the strength grade GL 24 h. The downstand beams have been designed with either steel or timber, depending on the span width and loading.

The city of Brescia is situated in an earthquake prone region. Therefore, Rubner performed a seismic analysis using the RFEM modules RF‑DYNAM Basic and RF‑DYNAM Addition II.

The Brescia project has clearly shown that wood construction is a viable and promising technology for the future also in the field of social housing.

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