Biomass Boiler House in Kočevje, Slovenia

Customer Project

Structural Engineering AG-inženiring d.o.o.
Kočevje, Slovenia
Investor Melamin d.d.
Kočevje, Slovenia

Due to the new technological demands, the investor Melamin d.d. Kočevje decided to replace the old steam boiler on fossil fuel (Đuro Đakovič, No. 5356) with the new one in the total power of 9.8 MW.

The new system for the production of steam consists of a biomass storage, a transport and delivery system for woodchips, a steam boiler and an ashes collector.

The project was demanding from the technological and design point of view. The construction was also demanding since it took place during the operation of the existing boiler (Loos, No. 61428). The old boiler is currently used for the temporary steam production, while in the future, it will only be used as a backup.


The structure of the main building of the boiler house is made of steel and enclosed with metal facade panels. The main building is 22.58 m long, 12.75 m wide and 15.07 m high. There are two extensions connected to the main building of the boiler house.

The length of the first one is 15.06 m and its width is 4.60 m. The length of the second one is 22.58 m and its width is 4.70 m. The main building has another extension with dimensions of 20.51 m x 2.60 m, used for a conveyor belt for biomass. This building is also covered with metal facade panels and serves as a connection between the main building and the woodchips storage.

The biomass storage facility is made of reinforced concrete. It is 33.26 m long and 10.70 m wide. Next to the biomass storage facility there is also a liquid fuel storage for the existing boiler (Loos, No. 61428), a command room and an electrical room.

The interior of the boiler house contains a load-bearing steel structure used for the installation of technological equipment for the new boiler.

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