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Structural Engineering, Building Physics, and Fire Design PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG
The Knies Magician's Hat is the 2021 highlight of the reopened "Knies Kinderzoo" (personal petting zoo experience for children) in Rapperswil on Lake Zurich, Switzerland. The impressive shell structure was built using timber elements and rises to a height of 85 ft.

Structural Design Ing. Miguel Angel Ulloa Castillejos
SIE.istmo Servicio de Ingeniería Estructural
El Espinal, Oax. Mexico

The building is located on avenue Melchor Ocampo, Tercera Sección, in El Espinal, Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a building with a pharmacy on the ground floor and medical offices on the upper floors with partitions made of lightweight material.

Object and Structural Design Wirth Haker PartmbB
Beratende Ingenieure

An extraordinary bell tower has been built in Bleibach in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park, Germany. The structure, with a height of approximately 111.5 ft, has a triangular floor plan and consists mainly of cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Architect Rafael de La-Hoz
Madrid, Spain
Structural Analysis and Construction Bellapart
Les Preses, Catalonia, Spain

The Ritz Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Madrid. It was built by King Alfonso XIII in 1910 as a royal hotel. After more than 100 years in service, it is currently undergoing complete renovation.

Object and Structural Design Wirth Haker PartmbB
Beratende Ingenieure

As of July 2020, the Frankfurt City Forest once again has a lookout tower. The old Goethe Tower completely burned down due to arson in October 2017. The new Goethe Tower was designed similar to the original design from 1931. This time, however, it was built without chemical wood preservatives.

Structural Design SDEA Engineering Solutions - Spain
Mob.: +34 653 942 425

The Infrastructure department of SDEA Engineering Solutions has extensive experience in the railroad sector, especially in designing electrification using overhead contact lines (OCS/OLE), where it has developed projects for high-speed trains in England and streetcar lines in Norway.

Engineering Office Le Bras Frères
Timber structure and facade Le Bras Frères
This project represents a major technical challenge for the company Le Bras Frères, of which the new team embodies an internal generational shift highlighted by a significant desire to increase skills and productivity through new investments (acquisition of a size K2i machine, extension of production facilities, and so on).

Engineering Office CBS-CBT
Carpenter Lifteam
In order to meet the increasing demand arising from growing staff numbers, the company OköFEN, which specializes in wood pellet boilers, conducted the construction of new premises for its French head office. This project is rooted in an environmental approach featuring a structure entirely made of French wood, biobased insulation in cellulose wadding, and a significant supply of natural light thanks to its multiple openings.

Engineering Office Nemo-K
The Fondation Avicenne, formerly known as the Maison de l'Iran, created in the 1960s, is a building of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) which now shelters many houses where students from all around the world are accommodated in an outstanding landscaped environment. The architect Claude Parent completely redesigned the sketches of Iranian architects Mosheine Foroughi and Heydar Ghiai, who originally designed this project, initiated by Mohammad Reza Chahd'Iran.

Structure consultant Estudi M103 (Jorge Blasco Miguel and Ferran Peralba Garrabou)
Dlubal's Spanish customer Estudi M103, an architectural office for structural consulting and calculation reports located in Barcelona, participated in an extraordinary construction project. The "Cirerers" project arises from a contest for municipal building sites for cohousing published by the Barcelona City Council in 2016.

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Project: "Solhjul" Art Project in Give, Denmark

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