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Gerhard Rehm Installation RFEM RSTAB

What do I have to consider when installing and starting the programs by Dlubal Software?


Before you start the installation, please check if you have the administrator rights. Then, you can start the installation by double-clicking or [Open]ing the downloaded *.exe file. If you have obtained a dongle for your licence, connect it to your computer after the installation is completed.

Installation Process
Select the language in the start dialog box. There are twelve languages available for the installation process. The language of the graphical user interface can be changed anytime after the installation. Then, follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.

Dongle Driver
As soon as the installation process has been completed successfully, connect the dongle (hardlock) to a USB interface on your computer. The dongle driver will be installed automatically.

Full Version or Trial Version
When opening RFEM, RSTAB, SHAPE-THIN, etc. for the first time after the successful installation, you have to decide whether to use the program as a full version or a trial version running for 90 days. To run the program as a full version, you need a dongle and the authorization file Author.ini. This authorization file contains coded information about your license(s). Usually, we send you the file via e-mail. You can also use your Dlubal Account to access the authorization file. Save the Author.ini file on your computer. Then, enter the directory of the Author.ini file by using the [Browse] button.

Each work station requires the authorization file. You can copy the file as often as you like. However, if the content will be changed, it cannot be used anymore for authorization. Please check also the date of the file to make sure that you always use the current authorization. Many problems (for example, an add-on module only running as a demo version) result from an outdated authorization file. After you start RFEM or RSTAB, you can check which add-on modules are available as full versions by using menu "Help → About RFEM/RSTAB." By using the menu "Help → Authorization → Load Authorization File," it is possible to update the authorization without reinstallation.

When problems occur during the installation, close all running applications by using the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), in particular printer toolboxes, scanner tools and antivirus software. Now, try to perform the installation again. The drivers and programs that have been stopped will be available again after restarting the computer.

User Rights
Minor adjustments are required in order to use RFEM, RSTAB, or SHAPE-THIN also with the rights of a user. For thi, please read the instructions in the document User Rights on our website or watch the video about user rights.


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RFEM Main Program
RFEM 5.xx

Main Program

Structural engineering software for finite element analysis (FEA) of planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, members (beams), solids and contact elements

Price of First License
3,540.00 USD
RSTAB Main Program
RSTAB 8.xx

Main Program

The structural engineering software for design of frame, beam and truss structures, performing linear and nonlinear calculations of internal forces, deformations, and support reactions

Price of First License
2,550.00 USD