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Is it possible to model a semi-rigid composite beam with a line release using members in RFEM?


Yes, it is possible. For this, you should ensure that one beam is only modelled first, whose lines are released with a line release. You will then add another member to the automatically generated copies of the lines.

For split beams, make sure that both members connected on the nodes are released in the table of line releases. The downloads below show the example of a timber-concrete composite slab from [1] as a calculated model.

If a member with the material "concrete" is used, make sure that the function shown in Figure 02 is deactivated in the FE mesh settings. The division for the nonlinear reinforced concrete calculation is not compatible with the line releases.


composite beam semi-rigid composite gamma method line release


[1]   Blass, H., Ehlbeck, J., Kreuzinger, H., & Steck, G. (2005). Erläuterungen zu DIN 1052: Entwurf, Berechnung und Bemessung von Holzbauwerken (2nd ed.). Karlsruhe: Bruderverlag.



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