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How to simulate buildings with window openings as a closed unit in RWIND Simulation?


Possible window, door and facade openings can be closed in RWIND Simulation using the model simplification (shrink-wrapping-mesh) for the wind flow calculation. This meshing option 'seals' the imported models against wind flow entering the model with a concomitant internal compression load. To determine which opening should be closed and which openings should remain open, the program uses a size specification. Thus, all openings whose dimensions are smaller than the specified control dimension can be closed generically for the wind flow calculation in the numerical wind tunnel.

Figure 01 - Velocity Distribution for Closed and Open Structure

In RWIND Simulation, the opening size specification is organized in the 'Edit Model' menu of the respective models.

Figure 02 - Specification of Openings in RWIND Simulation

The interface menu in RFEM or RSTAB organizes the opening size specification for the automated calculation of wind loads in the background of the 'Simulate and Generate Wind Loads' menu under the 'Wind Load' tab.

Figure 02 - Specification of Openings in RWIND Simulation

Alternatively, to simulate a closed structure, it is also possible to consider additional surfaces in the opening areas via an STL import or directly via a load-distributing surface in RFEM.


Openings Internal pressure Window Facades Wind pressure


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