How to authorize the RWIND Simulation program offline with a software key on a single-station computer via e-mail?


The RWIND Simulation program is protected against unauthorized use. The program can be authorized offline (computer is not connected to the Internet) by activating an email. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Run the RWIND Simulation 'As Administrator'. To do this, right-click the RWIND Simulation icon and select 'Run as Administrator'.

    Figure 01 - Program Start

  2. Confirm the authorization check with the 'Activate Now' function.

    Figure 02 - Authorization Check

    This opens the 'RWIND Simulation 1.xx Demo Authorization Status' dialog box.

  3. In the 'RWIND Simulation 1.xx Demo Authorization Status' dialog box, select the 'Software Key' option in the Authorization Method area and click the 'Activation via E-Mail' function in the lower part.

    Figure 03 - Email Activation

    This opens the 'Activation by E-Mail' dialog box.

  4. In the 'Activation by E-Mail' dialog box, enter your license information (license number and/or name and address of the institution that purchased the program license) based on your contract documents.

    Further, enter a user-defined description of the workstation to be activated under 'Description of Workspace' and the RWIND Simulation level with an expiry date of the activation to be carried out under 'Required Authorization'.

    Then confirm your entries by clicking the 'Generate Request Code' function.

    Figure 04 - Generating Request Codes

    This opens the 'RWIND Simulation 1.xx Demo' dialog box.

  5. Check the entries made in the 'RWIND Simulation 1.xx Demo' dialog box. If they comply, confirm the dialog box with 'OK'.

    Figure 05 - Checking Entries

    This opens the 'Activation by E-Mail' dialog box.

  6. The 'Activation via E-Mail' dialog box consists of three parts. In the 'Step 2' tab, the required request code is displayed on the left. Copy this text block to the Windows clipboard with the 'Copy Request Code' function and then paste the code into a blank e-mail with [Ctrl]+[V] or the Windows paste function. Send this email to for further processing.

    Figure 06 - Sending Request Code

  7. You will receive an activation code from us. In the dialog box, go to the 'Step 3' tab and enter this code in the 'Activation Code' field.

    Then, start the activation process by clicking the 'Activate Now' function.

    Figure 07 - Program Activation

    After successful authorization, you will receive a confirmation message and it is possible to use the program without any restrictions.
This offline email activation occupies the license you have purchased for the defined activation period in our system. During this period, it is not possible to activate the RWIND Simulation program with the same license on any other computer. The assignment of the license in our system ends with a proper deactivation or after the defined activation period has expired.

Afterward, the activation process can be carried out again on the same or a different computer. Please note that e-mail request codes can only be used once for activation. To reactivate, a new request code must always be sent to us.

To avoid unnecessary license assignments in our system due to unexpected computer problems on your part (defect, loss, hardware replacement, change of employees, etc.), we recommend that you keep the activation period as short as possible.


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