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9 December 2019

Andreas Niemeier Licensing & Authorisation RWIND Simulation

How to authorize the RWIND Simulation program with a hardware key on a single-station computer?


The program RWIND Simulation is protected against unauthorized use. The program can be authorized with a single-user or network hardware key. For this, the single-user hardware key must be inserted at the local or the network hardware key at a computer available in the network. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Execute RWIND Simulation 'As Administrator'. It is necessary to right-click the RWIND Simulation symbol and select 'Run As Administrator'.

    Figure 01 - program start

  2. Confirm the authorization check with the 'Activate Now' function.

    Figure 02 - Authorization check

    This opens the "RWIND Simulation 1.xx Demo Authorization Status" dialog box.

  3. In the "RWIND Simulation 1.xx Demo Authorization Status" dialog box, select the "Hardware Key" option in the Authorization Method area.

    Figure 03 - Authorization method

  4. To authorize the RWIND Simulation program with a hardware key, an installed hardware key device driver is required on the computer where you want to run RWIND Simulation. Since many other programs use a similar software protection technology (RSTAB, RFEM, etc.), this device driver is already installed on the computer in many cases. Correct operation of the driver package can be found on the local website http://localhost: 1947/_int_/diag.html .

    If a working driver is displayed on this website, no action is necessary and you can proceed to the next point.

    Figure 04 - Device driver check

    If not, the necessary driver has to be installed with the "Install/reinstall device driver" function.

    Figure 05 - Device driver installation

  5. Make sure that the single-user hardware key is inserted at the local computer or the network hardware key at the network computer.

  6. After the hardware key has been completely initialized, authorize the program RWIND Simulation with "Check hardware keys and apply changes" and close the dialog box with "OK."

    Figure 06 - Authorization
This process can be performed at any time on another computer with an installed version of RWIND Simulation. For a successful authorization, it is only necessary to ensure that either the single-user hardware key is inserted on the respective computer or the network hardware key inserted at the network computer has free licenses available.


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