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Why are the stresses of the 90° orientation not displayed for a layer with the orthotropy direction 90° for σb,90 in RF‑LAMINATE?


The indices of the stresses from RF‑LAMINATE, such as σb,90, do not refer to the local surface axis system from RFEM, but to the orthotropy directions defined in Window "1.2 Material Properties" in RF‑LAMINATE, see Image 01.

Image 01 - Orthotropy Directions of Layers in RF-LAMINATE

The orthotropy directions can be displayed graphically by activating them in the Display navigator, see Image 02. The red arrow represents the "zero direction" of the stress, that is, the direction of the stress σb,0.

Image 02 - Graphical Display of Orthotropy Directions

The colors of the arrows can be adjusted within the display properties (category General, Axis System, Surface Axis Systems x, y, z (orthotropy directions)), see Image 03.

Image 03 - Adjusting Colors of Axis Systems

Thus, the stress σb,0 in this direction applies to each orthotropy direction of a layer defined in RF‑LAMINATE, and σ b,90 applies to the stress transverse to the defined orthotropy directions.


Orthotropy direction Layer Orthotropy Direction Orientation


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