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After starting the calculation, the program performs form‑finding on the entire structure. The calculation takes into account the interaction between the form‑found elements and the supporting structure.

The form-finding process is performed iteratively as a special nonlinear analysis, inspired by URS (Updated Reference Strategy) by Prof. Bletzinger / Prof. Ramm. In this way, shapes in equilibrium are obtained considering the pre‑defined prestress.

Furthermore, this method allows you to consider the individual loads such as self‑weight or interior pressure for pneumatic structures in the form‑finding process. The prestress for surfaces (e.g. membranes) can be defined by two different methods:

  • Standard method - prescription of required prestress in a surface
  • Projection method - prescription of required prestress in a projection of a surface, stabilization especially for conical shapes

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  • Updated 10/26/2020
RFEM Tensile Membrane Structures

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Form-finding of tensile membrane and cable structures

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