RX-TIMBER Frame | Design

Product Feature

In RX-TIMBER Frame, the following calculation settings are available:

  • Designs to be performed:
    • Selecting the designs to be performed
    • Determination of displaying support forces and deformations
    • Adjusting the recommended limit values for the deformation analyses
    • Free definition of parameters for the fire resistance design performed according to the simplified method
    • Increasing bending stiffnesses for flat‑ended bending strains

Separate design cases allow for a flexible analysis of specific actions as well as for individual stability analyses. You can define the design type to be performed in the Control Parameters window.

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Stand-Alone Timber Structures
RX-TIMBER Frame 2.xx

Stand-Alone Program

Timber design of three-hinged frames with finger joint connections according to Eurocode 5 or DIN 1052

Price of First License
360.00 USD