Analysis and Design Based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) Tools - Study of Bridge with Prestressed Beams on Lake Toho in Pahou

As part of this graduation thesis, Mr Gbedourorou used the structural FEA software RFEM 5 as well as the add-on modules RF‑MOVE Surfaces, RF‑CONCRETE Members, and RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces. The studied project is a prestressed beam girder bridge located on Lake Toho, in the town of Pahou in Benin. The model created is based on the design made in Autodesk Infraworks.

Bio Aziz Gbedourorou
University of Abomey Calavi in Benin
École Polytechnique d'Abomey Calavi (EPAC)

This project includes several important points that should be mentioned. First, a rigid connection was used to demonstrate the behavior of the supporting system between the continuity bracing and the header. Second, a rigid surface was used to ensure the connection and the load transfer from the slab to the beams. Furthermore, although the contact between the surfaces on a line is usually rigid, it was decided to set up a line hinge between the slab surfaces and the rigid surface. In fact, the line hinges allowed for excluding certain degrees of freedom from the load transfer. Moreover, mesh refinements have been added to the surfaces and to the surface edges. Finally, member eccentricities were defined on the model in order to best represent the real behavior of the structure.

Once the modeling was completed, the plausibility check and the design of the self-weight effect were carried out to ensure the integrity of the model, the absence of errors, and the correct transfer of the model loads.