Christmas at Dlubal Software 2023

The end of the year is quickly getting closer. Time to look back and forward at the same time. In this post, we would like to take you with us: Let's enjoy the most wonderful time of the year amid Christmas parties, charitable activities, and holiday spirit. Enjoy reading!

You see, the time has come. Colorful lights are dancing on the facades in our towns and villages. Everything seems calm, almost reverent, under a soft blanket of fresh, white, powdery snow. Inside the houses, festive music, good food, and smiling faces await us: It's Christmas. The year 2023 is coming to an end.

The past year brought numerous challenges, some of which will accompany us into the new year. We continue to work tirelessly, hand in hand, to further optimize our software to prove again and again: We enjoy structural analysis! Both our customers and our colleagues.

Anyway, before we say goodbye to the holidays, let's look back at what we've accomplished this year. 2023 brought us new and exciting challenges. We have set new goals, especially in marketing. Our employer branding was launched, and our location videos allow us to present Dlubal Software in a completely new light.

We opened the curtains and let our social media followers look behind the scenes of an international software company. It's been an incredibly interesting and educational time for all of us, and we look back on it fondly! Our Employer Branding team is now well-rehearsed, experienced, and motivated.

We were especially excited to finally get our podcast back online with new episodes this summer. Each week, you will now have the opportunity to follow interesting topics related to construction— be it architectural styles from the distant past to the present day, failed construction projects, or new trends in the construction industry.

And did you know? You can also find all podcast episodes right here on our blog: all wrapped up and ready for you. Feel free to listen or just drop by. See you there!

More About Our Podcast Dlubal Blog

Our social media success hit two special milestones this year. In August, we reached 10,000 YouTube subscribers, and more recently, 20,000 LinkedIn followers. We are very excited by these milestones! It shows what a great community we have built, and we are proud of it.

The Dlubal team also attended the usual trade fairs this year, including digitalBAU in Munich and other events, such as BIM World. There, we had the opportunity to talk to many customers and interested parties. There's nothing better than having a little shop talk with like-minded people, enjoying the trade fair atmosphere, and demonstrating how great our software is: enjoying structural analysis!

Our Christmas party was another highlight this year. We met at the beginning of December in the tranquil village of Tiefenbach to spend a wonderful evening together. In addition to incredibly good food and a few smaller program items, the photo box quickly became the focus of attention again.

As we do every year, we decided to forgo sending mountains of Christmas cards in favor of helping charitable organizations move mountains. This year our donations went to the organizations Local Helpers (Helfer vor Ort, HvO) and the Children's Cancer Charity in Cham (Kinderkrebshilfe in Cham).

The local helpers leap into action when someone in the Tiefenbach region has an accident. If the ambulance takes too long to get to a scene in the middle of the Bavarian Forest, the HvO are the first responders: an incredibly important project that we are happy to support every year!

Supporting the "Wishing Tree" campaign of InnerWheelClub in Bad Kötzting is also very important to us. The donations are used to buy gifts for children with cancer: We are happy to do our part. Together we can do some good!

In numbers, 2023 was definitely a success. We participated in 40 events, made an incredible 61 new hires to the Dlubal team, and now have more than 125,000 followers on all social media channels.

We also have nothing to hide when it comes to our programs this year. New add-ons that will help our customers with their daily work are:

  • Pushover Analysis

- Analyzes the deformation behavior of buildings and compares them with seismic actions

  • Time History Analysis

- Applies induced vibrations: a structure can be directly excited with loading

There are also new features in our programs. They open up even more possibilities for our customers and show the variety of solutions we are working on to make working with Dlubal programs even easier and more intuitive.

Among other things, the new features include:

  • Load force transfer
  • Design of fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Seismic design of reinforced concrete members according to EC 8
  • Floor analysis as detached 2D structures
  • Design of steel connections according to the American standard ANSI/AISC 360‑16
  • Connection of circular hollow sections

Let's take a brief look into the future of Dlubal Software. We have a lot of plans, and we don't want to hide some of them! For example, we are currently working on a new website: it will be clearer, more user-friendly, and more accessible. We are excited and already looking forward to it.

What we are just as excited about—if not more so—is the new staff that will join us in the coming year. It's always nice to see the Dlubal team grow.

We are also going to release more online courses in the future. Unlike classroom training, they are not dependent on time or location. So you can learn how to use our software anywhere, at your own pace!

For this year, though, that's enough. A big thank you to all of you who have supported and advanced Dlubal Software this year. Whether colleagues, followers, or customers: You are great!

Now, we close our laptops, take a little break, and enjoy the holidays. To all of you out there, we wish you a relaxing and peaceful time with your loved ones. Have a great start to the New Year: We'll see you on the other side.

See you next year!

Your Dlubal Team


As a copywriter in marketing, Ms. Ruthe is responsible for creating creative texts and gripping headlines.