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How can we prevent climate change?

The construction industry is the ultimate climate killer. The cement industry alone causes four times more CO2 than the air traffic. We need to act to create a positive footprint. What measures do we already have? Is there still hope of climate change?

1st Congress on Structural Engineering

TAE – Technische Akademie Esslingen e.V. is an institution for professional training and further education located in Ostfildern - close to the state capital Stuttgart. With business areas ranging from mechanical engineering to IT and management topics, they offer around 1,000 events a year with more than 4,000 top-class speakers from research and corporate practice.

Online training about RFEM 6 for students

Students are the future. Students are the next structural engineers, which will design our buildings of tomorrow. Therefore, we have to support them as good as possible. This should be the main goal for all companies.

Munich Steel Construction Days 2022

The Munich Steel Construction Days took place from May 5 to May 6 at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Dlubal Software was represented at an information booth by Daniel Dlubal and Andreas Niemeier.

The Practory - Unique Community for Construction Industry

Dlubal Software supports The Practory in networking construction professionals in order to promote mutual exchange, mutual learning, and mutual support. The numerous challenges faced by the industry and companies can best be solved together.

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