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AI Assistant – Structural First Aid by Mia

Praise be to Mia! Who is that supposed to be? Our new digital assistant has finally gone live! You can find the new Dlubal Chat AI Mia on our website and benefit from the concentrated knowledge as well as the structural first aid in case of any questions. You can find out more about Mia in this blog post. Read on!

How High-Tech Architecture Changed Construction

High-tech architecture shows how beautiful the art of engineering can be and stands up to sober, inexpensive construction methods. Let's take a closer look at some high-tech buildings. What is so special about high-tech architecture? Read on!

Deconstructivism: Architecture is Art!

Crooked, chaotic, completely random: Deconstructivism has long had a permanent place in architecture and always leads us to impressive buildings with an absolute recognition value. We present to you some of them in detail.

Postmodern Architecture: Give buildings back their soul!

While Modernism was producing more and more sober buildings, a counter-movement began to emerge at the end of the 1960s. Postmodernists demanded: Give architecture back its soul! This movement has given rise to fascinating buildings, some of which we would like to introduce to you. Enjoy reading!

Christmas at Dlubal Software 2023






Luisa Ruthe

The end of the year is quickly getting closer. Time to look back and forward at the same time. In this post, we would like to take you with us: Let's enjoy the most wonderful time of the year amid Christmas parties, charitable activities, and holiday spirit. Enjoy reading!

We're not (construction) machines! – Health in Construction

With everything that happens in our industry, the individual is often neglected. This time, our podcast guests are Jan Zeltmann and Patrick O'Mahony from SelfConcept. In their daily work, they deal with the importance of health in construction, among other things. What can we do to be more successful in both our professional and private lives? Enjoy reading!

Architecture of Brutalism: Polarizing Giants

Of all the architectural styles, brutalism is probably the one that polarizes people the most. You either love these concrete giants, or hate them. What is so special about brutalism, and what are the interesting buildings of brutalism? Enjoy reading!

Architecture of the Future: Futurism

Each of us certainly thinks of a specific building when it comes to futurist architecture. In fact, futurism is not just about aesthetically bizarre buildings, but about a holistic concept: modern building with a strong focus on sustainability and responsibility towards people and nature alike. What is futurism about and what can we learn from it?

Gherkin, Tulip, and Beer Glass: London Skyline

London's skyline is characterized by striking skyscrapers with strange shapes – a screwed pickle, a beer glass next to it, and even a glass tulip was almost built there. What are the reasons for such strange skyscrapers being built here? Read on and find out more!

Organic Architecture: For Love of Nature

A holistic connection with nature is the guiding principle of organic building. To this day, this movement still produces impressive structures, and we will look at some of them together. What is special about organic architecture, and what can we learn from it?

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