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Retrospect: End and Beginning







Luisa Ruthe

The Dlubal Podcast with Daniel Dlubal and Martina Summerer ran for two years and has 50 episodes now. Every two weeks, there was a new episode with varied topics and interesting guests. Then, it was time for Martina to break new ground.strike a new path. Together, we look back on this instructive and exciting time. What was her experience and most importantly – what will happen next?

Sunny Summer Event at Dlubal Software





Luisa Ruthe

This year, we were really looking forward to our annual summer event! Employees from all over Germany met at the headquarters in Tiefenbach to spend a day full of good mood, fun, and sun.

Dlubal Software at BAU 2023

Hurray hurray, the BAU is here! After a forced break of four years, the time has finally come again. At the BAU 2023 trade fair in Munich, Germany, exhibitors from all over the world showed what the modern construction industry has to offer today. Dlubal Software was one of them, too! At our booth, we presented the new generation of the Dlubal structural analysis software: efficient, clearly arranged, and powerful.

Donation Handover to Firefighters and First Responders




Luisa Ruthe

Spring is a season when everything comes to life. The cold, dark winter time ends and nature shows itself again from its most beautiful side. We at Dlubal Software would also like to contribute to the new beginnings and support important regional institutions!

First Aid Course at Dlubal Software




Luisa Ruthe

The Dlubal team is now prepared for emergency cases! On March 13-15, 2023, the working day in Tiefenbach was extended by a few hours – all for a good cause and safety at work.

Strong Women in Dlubal Team





Luisa Ruthe

On the 8th of March, it's the International Women's Day. This has not passed us by unnoticed either. We are proud to have great female colleagues in our team! Therefore, we would like to thank you again in this blog post. We are happy you are part of our company!

Are we ready for BIM?

Are we ready for BIM? There are numerous ideas and innovations relating to digitization in construction. New ones seem to be emerging almost every day. But how useful are most of them? Can we even implement BIM as extensively as we would like? Together with our guest Ralf Weineck, we would like to take a more critical look at the topic of BIM in the construction industry. Enjoy reading!

How Building Companies Shape Future of Construction Industry

What does the construction industry look like in the future? Sustainability, innovations, such as AI, new building materials and old materials in a new guise – these are all approaches that make the construction industry more future-oriented. Our guest today, Maximiliane Straub, works for a leading German construction company. She tells us more about the future of construction and how companies can shape this future. We are excited!

Fire Disaster at Düsseldorf Airport





Corinna Kluge

In 1996, a terrible fire disaster occurred at the Düsseldorf Airport. We have drawn many conclusions from this in Germany when it comes to fire protection. But how did the accident come about? In this post, you will read how the disaster happened and what we learned from it.

Look into Past: BIM Master Plan for 2022

What is the future development of BIM? In this podcast, Bernd Schlenker gives an insight into how BIM is being accepted in practice and what further steps are planned. This also includes the BIM Master Plan for German federal buildings. Do you want to find out more and perhaps compare the current status with the expectations from 2021? Then read on!

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