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3D Planning According to BIM

Structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software integrate seamlessly into the planning according to the method of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The large number of interfaces ensure the data exchange of digital building models with RFEM or RSTAB.

  • BIM-oriented planning
  • BIM-oriented planning

Modeling Using Layers

Layers are used for targeted modeling - in contrast to the direct DXF import of a structure where the entire model is transferred as converted nodes, lines, members, and surfaces. It is possible to use any number of layers in one structure. The background layers can be transferred to RFEM/RSTAB and also adjusted or created there.


Import of Layers

Before the import, it is necessary to check the conversion settings: In CAD programs, the global Z-axis is usually directed upwards. In RFEM, however, the Z-axis is directed downwards. So it is necessary to adjust the direction of the Z-axis for the import reasons. In addition, the length units can be adjusted as well.

Optionally, it is possible to specify an offset in order to shift the layer in RFEM. In the case of DXF files, a particular layer can be selected from the list of layers.


Use of Layers

The imported layer appears in gray in the workspace: The gray line model enables the input of nodes, lines, and members. The individual layer points can be selected using the object snap. It is possible to edit each background layer using the functions MoveRotate, Mirror or Stretch.


Generation of Layers

The DXF file format transfers only the general properties of lines used in the model. One layer is used for each cross-section. It is not possible to transfer nodal supports, loads, and so on. There are several setting options available for the export of an RFEM structure as a line model.

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