Structural Analysis Software & BIM

Three-Dimensional Planning According to BIM Method

The structural analysis software provided by Dlubal Software can be integrated seamlessly into the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.

The large number of interfaces ensure the data exchange of digital building models with RFEM or RSTAB.

  • BIM-Oriented Planning
  • BIM-Oriented Planning

RFEM Interfaces to Rhino & Grasshopper

Rhinoceros (or Rhino) is a software for the computer-aided modelling of any objects (from the teapot to complete buildings). Due to the specialization in NURBS curves and surfaces, there are no limits to the shapes.

In combination with the Grasshopper interface, structures can be parametrized user-defined by means of a clear, visual programming interface. This makes the product package especially interesting for architects and engineers.

The interfaces to Rhino and Grasshopper are implemented by default in RFEM.


Rhino Interface

Lines as well as surfaces including openings can be exported to or imported from RFEM. The following line types can be imported and exported: line, polyline, arch, circle, ellipse, parabola as well as NURBS. Additionally, the following surface types can be imported and exported: plane, rotated surface and NURBS.


Grasshopper Interface

When using the interface, the Dlubal tab is activated in Grasshopper which contains three options. With the "Surfaces" option, you can add surface properties of Dlubal Software (material, thickness, surface stiffness type) for 2D models. With the "Member" option, you can add specific member properties (material, cross-section, member rotation) at imported lines and curves. The third option allows for the direct export to RFEM.