3D Structural & BIM Software

Microsoft Excel

This interface provides options for data exchange with the following spreadsheet programs:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Applications supporting the CSV file format

  1. Import

    Values in tables of the Excel spreadsheet can be imported to RFEM/RSTAB either individually or all at once. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer formulas prepared for the parameterizable input to RFEM/RSTAB.

  2. Export

    All RFEM/RSTAB tables including results can be exported directly to an Excel spreadsheet or in a CSV file, either individually or all at once. The following export options are available:

    • with table headers
    • only marked cells
    • only selected objects
    • only filled rows
    • only filled tables

    In this way, you can clearly arrange the data to be exported. It is possible to export the formulas used in the program directly as the parameters or in a separate table.