In CRANEWAY, I would like to apply the actually simultaneously acting forces from the crane runway on both columns. Can I read them out somewhere?


To get the result of the MAX/MIN support reactions with the associated values on different crane runway girders, the design of both girders in CRANEWAY is required. For this, select the option "Both girders (Wmax and Wmin)" in Window 1.4 Loading (see Figure 01).

Then, select the Only max/min option in the result window 2.3 Support Forces at Bottom Edge. The results are then displayed for both girders (girders with Wmax and girders with Wmin) sorted by the individual load components and the supports. There are two lines with results for each support and load component.

Figure 02 shows the following values for Support 1:

  • max Pz = 84.66 kN (for the crane position LC 20 on the girder with Wmax)
  • max Pz = 20.51 kN (for the crane position LC 100 on the girder with Wmin) = belonging


Craneway support forces Associated support forces


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  • Updated 29 October 2020

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