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What information is transmitted when exporting the nonlinear stiffness? Is it possible to graphically display the exported values?


When exporting the non-linear stiffness from the module RF-CONCRETE Members or the module RF-CONCRETE surfaces, only the stiffness values are exported.

The following results or effects are not exported with:

  • wane: The influence of shrinkage is not directly exported because shrinkage from the load and not on the stiffness side is taken into account. If, in the course of considering the shrinkage, a change in stiffness occurs (tearing open), this effect is of course also exported.
  • Results from the NL calculation: Further results from the non-linear calculation, such as crack width or steel and concrete stress, are not exported.
At the moment it is not possible to graphically export the exported stiffness in the RFEM.


Export Rigidity Condition II Graphic Output Dwindle Crack width

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