How is it possible to design a reinforced concrete cross-section in SHAPE-MASSIVE?


In SHAPE-MASSIVE, the reinforced concrete design has to be activated in the General Data section. As soon as the design is active, it is possible to set the design accordingly in a separate tab (Figure 01).

There are three types for the design:

Strain-Stress Distribution (Example 01):
It is possible to determine an available design ratio by specifying the internal forces

Existing Safety (Example 02):
There is determined a state of fracture (ratio = 100%) and a safety in relation to it.

Design (Example 03):
By specifying a maximum and minimum diameter or a minimum and a maximum reinforcement, it is possible to increase the reinforcement within the design.

Irrespective of which of the three methods is used, it is necessary to specify the position of the reinforcement and an acting internal force (Figure 02).


Design of cross-section Reinforced concrete design Optional cross-sections


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