How to set friction on a member end hinge via the COM interface?


Friction represents a non-linearity and can therefore only be modified via the interface to the member end hinge.

For this purpose, the member end hinge must be created first, if not already available. Then, the IMemberHinge interface is brought to the member end hinge and then to the non-linearity (here IFriction). Then, you can use the methods GetData and SetData to modify the data (here Friction):

Sub SetMemberHingeFriction ()

Dim model As RFEM5.model
Set model = GetObject (, 'RFEM5.Model')

On Error GoTo e

Dim data As IModelData
Set data = model.GetModelData

Dim hinge (0 To 0) As RFEM5.MemberHinge

    hinge(0).No = 1
    hinge(0).RotationalConstantX = 1
    hinge(0).RotationalConstantY = 2
    hinge(0).RotationalConstantZ = 3
    hinge(0).TranslationalConstantX = 4
    hinge(0).TranslationalConstantY = 5
    hinge(0).TranslationalConstantZ = 6
    hinge(0).Comment = "Member Hinge 1"
    hinge(0).TranslationalNonlinearityX = FrictionAType

    data.SetMemberHinges hinge
    ' get interface for member hinge
    Dim imemhing As IMemberHinge
    Set imemhing = data.GetMemberHinge(1, AtNo)
    ' get interface for nonlinearity 'friction'
    Dim iFric As IFriction
    Set iFric = imemhing.GetNonlinearity(AlongAxisX)
    ' get friction data
    Dim fric As Friction
    fric = iFric.GetData
    fric.Coefficient1 = 0.3
    ' set friction data
    iFric.SetData fric
e:  If Err.Number <> 0 Then MsgBox Err.Description, , Err.Source

    Set data = Nothing
    Set model = Nothing

End Sub

In the case of the friction Vy + Vz, the Coefficient2 is used to set the second coefficient. The spring constant in the Friction dialog box is controlled by the translational spring of the member end hinge. In the concrete case, this is TranslationalConstantX for the X-direction (see Figure 01).


COM Friction Non-linearity GetData SetData


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