Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures

Can I analyze and design hydraulic steel structures with the Dlubal programs?


Hydraulic steel structures, such as sluices, locks and lock chambers, roller water gates, sliding and sector gates, weir flaps, drum gates, flood protection gates, ship lifts, and canal bridges, are highly sophisticated structures. RFEM provides you with the possibility for structural design as well as static and dynamic analysis of these complex structures with surface and solid elements.

Main Program RFEM

Use the main program RFEM to define the model, including the properties and actions. You can model planar and spatial structures, consisting of members, plates, walls, and shells.

Add-ons for Steel Structures

Design add-ons supplement the functionality of the main programs. Use the Steel Design add-on to perform the ultimate and serviceability limit state design checks according to the standards like Eurocode 3. The Stress-Strain Analysis add-on provides the option for general stress design checks, where the existing stresses are compared to the limit stresses. The Nonlinear Material Behavior analysis add-on also you to perform plastic design checks as well.

The design checks can be carried out for a large number of standardized and parameterized cross-sections. If you use your own cross-sections, you can define them with the RSECTION program, and use them for further design in RFEM.

In case of any questions about the Dlubal solution for hydraulic steel engineering, our sales team will be happy to assist you.


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