Finding System Instabilities

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A calculation break‑off due to an instable system can have different reasons. On the one hand this can indicate a ‘real’ instability due to an overloading of the system, on the other hand the error message can result from inaccuracies in the model.

To find modeling errors in the structural system, RFEM offers you several elegant options to localize and analyze them. To this end, a new feature was implemented in the RF‑STABILITY module, too. The option “Calculate buckling shape for unstable model so that causes of instability can be checked graphically” allows you to calculate supposedly instable structural systems. With the model data, the module performs an eigenvalue analysis so that the result of the instability of the affected structural component is shown graphically. This method is particularly suited to find, for example, members that are not connected or that have too many open degrees of freedom.


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  • Updated 4 December 2020

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