Options for Calculating Reduction Factors

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In PLATE‑BUCKLING 8, there are two options in the detail settings that can be used to calculate the reduction factors of plate buckling.

The ‘Various buckling curves’ option uses different buckling curves for the existing stresses:
- for the stresses in x‑direction, the expressions according to Clause 4.4 (2) of EN 1993‑1‑5
- for the stresses in z‑direction, the expression according to Annex B.1
- for the shear stresses, Table 5.1

If you use the ‘Generalized buckling curve’ option, the reduction factors are generally computed according to the expression in Annex B.1. This option is usually on the save side, but by using the ‘Various buckling curves’ option, you can achieve more economical results.


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  • Updated 29 October 2020

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