Sign Convention for 'Load Application of Positive Transverse Loads'

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We often receive customer questions regarding the display of positive or negative eccentricity of positive transverse loads in the RF‑/STEEL EC3 add‑on module.

Theoretical Background

The load application point of a load has a decisive impact on the determination of the critical lateral-torsional buckling moment. A load acting on the top flange has a destabilizing effect. A force pulling on the bottom flange has a stabilizing effect.

Definition in RF-/STEEL EC3

Since a general solution has to be found without knowing the member or the cross‑section rotation, the sign convention is defined according to the load direction with respect to the shear center location.

A positive transverse load directed to the shear center has positive eccentricity.

A positive transverse load directed from the shear center has negative eccentricity.


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