Modeling of Cross-Laminated Timber Plate Curved by Screw-Press Bonding 2

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This part explains the determination of forces arising when screwing a straight cross‑laminated timber plate to a curved glulam beam. For this, a glulam beam with a curved member was modeled in RFEM. The member has a precamber of 12 cm since the preliminary design showed that the precamber of 6 cm applied will never be sufficient to keep l/300. Dimensions of the bottom chord are 12/32 cm. The plate was selected in RF‑LAMINATE as a three‑layer plate with the thickness of 8 cm.

There is a particularity in the contact area between the glulam beam and the plate. The plate was 1 cm milled in order to avoid lateral slippage during the pressing procedure. This is possible to consider in RF‑LAMINATE using various plate compositions.

The plate deformation at the final state is defined by the line deformation of 15.5 cm (12 cm precamber + 3.5 cm axis plate). Based on this imposed deformation, the resulting beam reserve is 1.8 cm (see Figure) and the bending moment is 9.25 kNm in the beam and plate.

Design of T‑beams including consideration of these forces is described in the third part of the post.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bastian Kuhn, M.Sc.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bastian Kuhn, M.Sc.

Product Engineering & Customer Support

Mr. Kuhn is responsible for the development of products for timber structures and provides technical support for our customers.


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  • Updated 29 October 2020

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