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Product Feature

The program creates a reinforcement concept for the top and the bottom plate reinforcement by searching for the most favorable combination of a mat and added rebars. If required, the rebars are distributed across two reinforcement areas by curtailment. It is possible to individually modify the reinforcement concept:

  • Application of another mat type
  • Individual control of diameter and spacing of added rebars
  • Free selection of reinforcement area widths
  • Individual curtailment of reinforcements

You can display the foundation in excellent rendering quality including reinforcement. In the rendering as well as in up to seven different dimensioned reinforcement drawings ready for on-site construction, the module provides solution proposal for bucket design. It is possible to modify number, position, diameter, and spacing of used rebars as well. You can also determine the shape of applied links.

Dimensions of foundation plate and bucket can be determined by the add-on module or user-defined. Clearly arranged windows display results of each performed design including all intermediate values. They are covered in a reduced printout report providing a verifiable structural analysis.

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RFEM Concrete Structures

Add-on Module

Design of single, bucket and block foundations

Price of First License
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