Features of RF-STEEL Surfaces (available in RFEM only)

Product Feature

  • Determination of principal and basic stresses, membrane and shear stresses as well as equivalent stresses and equivalent membrane stresses
  • Stress analysis for structural parts of almost any shape
  • Equivalent stresses calculated according to different approaches:
    • Shape modification hypothesis (von Mises)
    • Maximum shear stress criterion (Tresca)
    • Maximum principal stress criterion (Rankine)
    • Principal strain criterion (Bach)
  • Optional optimization of surface thicknesses and data transfer to RFEM
  • Serviceability limit state design by checking surface displacements
  • Detailed results of individual stress components and ratios in tables and graphics
  • Filter function for surfaces, lines, and nodes in tables
  • Transversal shear stresses according to Mindlin, Kirchhoff, or user-defined specifications
  • Parts list of designed surfaces

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RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures

Add-on Module

Stress analysis of steel surfaces and members

Price of First License
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