RF-GLASS | Program Features

Product Feature

  • Design of single‑layer or laminated glass as well as insulating glass with intermediate gas layer
  • Design of curved glass
  • Option to select either local calculation without regard to the influence of a surrounding structure, or global calculation with regard to the influence of an entire structure
  • Limit stress analysis according to DIN 18008:2010-12 or TRLV:2006-08
  • Assignment of loads to load duration classes
  • Extensive material library including all common glass, foil, and gas types in compliance with the DIN 18008:2010-12, E DIN EN 13474 standards, and the TRLV:2006-08 regulation
  • Optional consideration of shear coupling of layers
  • Consideration of climatic loads
  • Calculation according to the linear static analysis or nonlinear analysis according to the large deformation theory
  • Stress analysis, the ultimate limit state design, the serviceability limit state design
  • Graphical representation of all results in RFEM
  • Possibility to filter results and color scales in result tables
  • Direct data export to MS Excel
RFEM Glass Structures

Add-on Module

Design of single-layer, laminated and insulating glass

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD