RF-/JOINTS Steel - Column Base | Results

Product Feature

At first, the governing joint designs are arranged in groups and displayed with the basic geometry of the joint in the first result window. In the other result windows, you can see all fundamental design details such as the load-carrying capacity of anchors, stresses in welds, and others.

Dimensions, material properties, and welds important for the connection construction are displayed immediately and can be printed directly. It is possible to visualize the connections in RF-/JOINTS Steel - Column Base or in the RFEM/RSTAB model.

All graphics can be included in the RFEM/RSTAB printout report or printed directly. Result graphics to scale provide the option of an optimal visual check right from the design phase.

RFEM Connections
RF-JOINTS Steel - Column Base 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of hinged and restrained column base footings according to Eurocode 3

Price of First License
670.00 USD