RF-/DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations | Features of Time History Analysis

Product Feature

  • Combination of user-defined time diagrams with load cases or combinations (nodal, member and surface loads as well as free and generated loads can be combined with functions varying over time)
  • Combination of several independent excitation functions
  • Extensive library of seismic events (accelerograms)
  • Linear implicit Newmark analysis or modal analysis in time history
  • Structural damping using Raleigh damping coefficients or Lehr's damping
  • Direct import of initial deformations from a load case or combination
  • Graphical display of results in a time history diagram
  • Export of results in user-defined time steps or as an envelope
RFEM Dynamic Analysis
RF-DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations 5.xx

Add-on Module

Dynamic and seismic analysis including time history analysis and multi-modal response spectrum analysis

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD