Product Feature

RF-CUTTING-PATTERN is activated by selecting the respective option in the Options tab in General Data of any RFEM model. After activating the add‑on module, a new object ‘Cutting Patterns’ is displayed under Model Data. If the membrane surface distribution for cutting in the basic position is too large, you can divide the surface by cutting lines (line types ‘Cut via Two Lines’ or ‘Cut via Section’) in the corresponding partial strips.

Then you can define the individual entries for each cutting pattern by using the ‘Cutting Pattern’ object. Here you can set boundary lines, compensations, and allowances.

Steps of the working sequence:

  • Creation of cutting lines
  • Creation of the pattern by selecting its boundary lines or using a semi‑automatic generator
  • Free selection of warp and weft orientation by entering an angle
  • Application of compensation values
  • Optional definition of different compensations for boundary lines
  • Different allowances (welding, boundary line)
  • Preliminary representation of the cutting pattern in the graphic window at the side without starting the main nonlinear calculation
RFEM Tensile Membrane Structures

Add-on Module

Generation of cutting patterns for tensile membrane structures

Price of First License
2,240.00 USD