SHAPE-THIN | Features

Product Feature

  • Modeling of the cross-section via elements, sections, arcs and point elements
  • Expandable library of material properties, yield strengths, and limit stresses
  • Section properties of open, closed or non-connected cross-sections
  • Effective properties of cross-sections consisting of different materials
  • Determination of weld stresses in fillet welds
  • Stress analysis including design of primary and secondary torsion
  • Check of c/t-ratios
  • Effective cross-sections according to
    • European Union EN 1993-1-5 (including stiffened buckling panels according to Section 4.5)
    • European Union EN 1999-1-1
    • Germany DIN 18800-2
  • Classification according to
    • European Union EN 1993-1-1
    • European Union EN 1999-1-1
  • Interface with MS Excel to import and export tables
  • Printout report
Cross-Sections Thin-Walled

Cross-Section Properties Software

Section properties, stress analysis, and plastic design of open and closed thin-walled cross-sections

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD