RF-/STEEL Cold-Formed Sections | Features

Product Feature

3 February 2020



  • Available for cold-formed L, Z, C, channel, top-hat, and CL sections from the cross-section database, as well as for cold-formed (non-perforated) SHAPE-THIN 9 cross-sections
  • Determination of the effective cross-section considering the local buckling and the distortional buckling
  • Cross-section ultimate limit state, stability, and serviceability limit state designs according to EN 1993‑1‑3
  • Design of local transverse forces for webs without stiffening
  • Available for all National Annexes included in RF-/STEEL EC3
  • RF-/STEEL Warping Torsion module extension (license required) for stability analysis according to the second-order analysis as stress analysis including consideration of the 7th degree of freedom (warping)

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